Energy efficient lighting for Domestic or Commercial

Electrust excels in the proficient installation of both interior and exterior lighting systems within residential properties across Bolton & Greater Manchester.

The drive towards enhanced energy efficiency in homes and businesses has grown immensely. Opting for LED lighting installation stands out as the most prudent and economically viable decision for lighting solutions.

Thanks to the remarkable energy efficiency of LED lighting, the reduction in your energy bills becomes evident. LED lights exhibit an electrical efficiency that surpasses incandescent and fluorescent lighting by a significant margin. Their power consumption is approximately one-third less than traditional home or office lighting, all the while maintaining uncompromised illumination. As a general rule, the investment in LED lighting often recoups itself within 18 months. For both indoor and outdoor lighting needs, Electrust strongly advocates for energy-saving lighting solutions wherever feasible. Our expertise allows us to provide guidance on optimising energy consumption during the assessment phase.

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